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Wow, what the fuck are you even doing here...
Well, since you already are here, stay a while and listen... or stare... Whatever suits you.
Linked to my drawing of Dravin:

Space ponies are ponyoid organisms living in deep space. They identify themselves with the name of their species, Voridians.

- Background:

The origins of the Voridians is shrouded in mystery. They are not completelly sure of it themselves, since they have existed for trillions of years.

It is believed, however, that these beings date back to the Great Separation. An event that created the eleven dimensions. When these dimensions were created, a dark space was left in between them to separate them from harming or influencing each other in any way, as this could create massive chaos. This dark space was named the Void, and was where the most harmful and destructive of creatures resided. It soon came to be that the Void acted as a prison to seal away any great threats to the universe.

Once, a great tragedy happened, and an evil spirit locked away an entire race to the void. These creatures were innocent in every way. The Void's endless darkness and harsh nature drove this race to the point of insanity, and they grew sly, hurtful and misbehaved. In between all these twisted minds was one group that stayed true to their origins. They didn't know what had happened, but they never let go of their true self. One day, they where released from the darkness, and were allowed to stay in the neutral universe. Once they came out of the Void, they were purified in the Spring of Light, a place in the middle of the universe where all light gathers in the end. Once purified, they took on a new form. A form of energy, cleansed and innocent once more. a four legged form, giving them a shape that will let them get accepted easier across the universe. They named themselves the Voridians, "Children of The Void"

Adapting to their new form and abilities, they slowly but surely spread out across the universe, taking homage in a million asteroids and comets across the universe. This race witnessed the births and deaths of countless enteties across the cosmos, and have gained incredible knowledge of the universe. They are explorers, journeyers, and most importantly, the protectors of the neutral dimension.

- Appearance:

The Voridians take on a shape resembling what humans relate to horses. These creatures are almost stunning in their resemblance

- Behavior:

Space ponies are naturally curious, and seeks the attention of other species around the universe. Their natural curiosity makes it easy for them to learn a new language to easier communicate with other species. Because of their curiosity, they tend to get in a lot of trouble, but usually find a way to make it better again.

- Environment:

The Space Ponies are usually found living inside asteroids or comets, in which they fling around in space as they please with the help of tremendously powerful psychic abilities. They tend to inhabit hollow space rock and build cities inside them, where they reside amongst them selves. These comets also serves as a space vessel, making it able for the Voridians to travel great distances to new and uncharted worlds, or to visit other races across the universe.

- Abilities:

The space ponies have three features that makes them stand out;

1. Psychic Abilities

The space ponies posesses a vast array of powerful psychic tricks and abilities. Some of them being telepathic communication, moving objects with their minds, breaking and re-assembling items and constructions, and Teleportation over distances.

They also have a number of offensive abilities, developed over years of exposure to threats, in which they needed to defend themselves. There are Voridians who can manage to fire kinetic energy in powerfull blasts, in rays, bullets, conjure blast shields, and even power up themselves to the point where they can punch through solid diamond walls. These abilities, of course, needs a lot of training for them to work efficiently, or in other cases, will need to be achieved or gained through enlightening, a process in which the user obtains a higher state of mind. If the user tries to use an ability before he is lse, they can either backfire, won't work, or will drain the user of their power much faster than normal.

2. Voidspace Manipulation

The Voridians posesses a strange ability that lets them manipulate the space around them, making them able to propel in any desired direction. With this ability the voridians are able to move around in anti-gravity. Almost any speed under the light speed limit can be achieved with voidspace manipulation, however reaching great velocities will require a lot of training.

The Void Space Manipulation ability uses a method similar to a warp drive to push themselves around. The ability works by contracting space in front of the creature, and expanding space behind them. This ability does not necessarily work inly in one direction, but the Voridians can move in any desired axis without rotating.

Under the influence of gravity, space ponies will follow the laws of physics, and will slow down or accelerate according to the atmosphere or resistance in the air. The way they fly will not be affected, and they will fly like a normal Pegasus would.

3. Energy Usage

Because of the way the space ponies anatomy is built, they do not require the presence of a gas or liquid to stay alive. Since they have always lived in deep space in all of their recorded history, the Voridians have never had the need to breathe. They usually draw power from large celestial bodies like stars. This power is converted into energy their bodies can use to stay functional. They can stay a long time without the need to draw solar power before they need "recharging". In emergency situations, the Voridians can eat to gain strength, but eating is mostly viewed as a luxury, and is not necessary.

Spending kinetic energy also drains on their energy reserves, but a Voridian can gain more kinetic strength with the help of one or more other companions giving them strength through their telepathic network. This will leave the user more fatigued after the telepathic link closes, but unless the creature uses an imense ammount of kinetic energy through other creatures before recharging, both the user and it's helpers may be left helpless.

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